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The renowned Danish architect Jan Gehl gave an open lecture at Gamla bíó in Reykjavík on the occasion of the Icelandic translation release of his book "Life Between Buildings" (Livet mellem husene).

The book, first published in 1971 in Copenhagen, addressed the issues of inhospitable cities and post-war residential areas. Almost fifty years have passed since then, but the book still holds its relevance, as Jan Gehl himself puts it: "Recent decades have shown that the effort to strengthen human life in cities and settlements is still lagging behind. Social development and all the world's digital media have not diminished the importance of people coming together, if anything, the opposite is true."

In the lecture, Jan Gehl contextualized the themes of the book in relation to the development of cities and settlements in the contemporary world. He also discussed the methodology derived from the book and its widespread influence worldwide.


@Gamla bíó Theatre

Collaboration /  ÚRBANISTAN organized the event in collaboration with the City of Reykjavik, the National Planning Agency, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Klasa, Icelandair Hotels, the Association of Icelandic Architects, the Association of Icelandic Landscape Architects, SAMARK, and the Iceland Center for Design and Architecture.

Photographs / Laimonas Dom Baranauskas

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