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Jan Gehl’s classic book Life Between Buildings (Livet mellem husene) has finally been translated into Icelandic and is published by ÚRBANISTAN. The book has been translated into multiple languages since it first came out in Danish in 1971.


For over fifty years Jan Gehl has been active in research on the relationship between public life and public space. His success in improving outdoor urban life, has been influential on consultancy and design guidance worldwide. In Life Between Buildings Gehl examines the relationship between patterns of outdoor activities and the spatial properties of the physical environment. The book continues to be an important part of the curriculum and inspiration in the field of architecture and urban planning.

"… thoughtful, beautiful and enlightening…"


Jane Jacobs

“This is a book that is a great inspiration to me in my work, and I look upon it as one of the classics for all professional or amateur students of architecture and community building, regardless of their age and background, or how short or long their experience may be.”

Ralph Erskine


The book is translated by Steinunn Stefánsdóttir and published by ÚRBANISTAN

153 x 210 mm

208 pages


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