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The Embassies of Iceland in the Nordic capitals each hosted events in the countdown to the DesignMarch festival, happening in Reykjavík May 4th - 8th. Anna María Bogadóttir, architect moderated a conversation on  Design in Nature with panelists from Iceland and from each respective country Now you can listen to these informative dialogues in a four episode podcast series.

Can we design our relationship with nature? How does design encourage and enhance our engagement with nature? These are among questions that have been explored in the project Design in Nordic Nature launched as part of a larger sustainable tourism in the north initiative under the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


By looking into the past, learning from vernacular design traditions as well as envisioning possible futures through innovation, new technologies and forms for collaboration, a selection of cases have been compiled in a Nordic Atlas, reflecting a broad range of design solutions and strategies that promote nature protection while encouraging responsible nature engagement. 

Anna María, architect and curator at Úrbanistan architects in Reykjavík lead the project on behalf of Iceland Design and Architecture in collaboration with Nordic partner organizations and experts.

The podcasts were recorded in the Icelandic Ambassadors‘ residences in the Nordic capitals, in cooperation with Nordic partners, Business Iceland and The Icelandic Embassies in the Nordic countries.


Anna María was joined by other architects, designers, and stakeholders from around the Nordic region, to envision and discuss the role of design in the context of sustainable tourism in the north.


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