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2019 -

Client / Iceland Design and Architecture and The Ministry of Environment 

Role / Consultancy and strategic design  


Infrastructure for Visitor Sites in Nature

ÚRBANISTAN/Anna María Bogadóttir is an advisor to Iceland Design and Architecture in the project "Good Ways," which is based on extensive dialogue among professionals, institutions, municipalities, and tourism service providers. The project involves mapping, policy-making, and the development of design processes for the construction, implementation, and maintenance of sustainable tourism infrastructure. Aesthetics, respect, and safety are the guiding principles of the project, which aims to protect vulnerable nature and provide access to powerful nature experiences.

Iceland Design and Architecture leads the project in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. The project intertwines threads from Iceland's presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019 with initiatives from the National Master Plan for the construction of infrastructure for the protection of natural and cultural heritage.

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