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New development in downtown Reykjavik

The aim of the exhibition was to give residents and other interested parties an insight into the extensive transformations taking place in the city center and to encourage discussion.


The new development was represented through
models presented in the context of the city center as a whole, together with texts, maps, diagrams, photographs and videos that shed light on how the city center has developed from a small administrative village to a port city, a car city, and finally a tourist city.


City Hall

Client / Reykjavík City

Role / Curatorial; editorial, research


Collaboration / Hildigunnur Sverrisdóttur archiitect, Studio Granda

Exhibition design / Studio Granda

Graphic Design / Snæfríð Þorsteins

Cinematography and audiovisual editing / Ragnar Hansson

Project Management / Hildur

Gunnlaugsdóttir &
Edda Ívarsdóttir

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