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How do we end a building?

As an enlightened reflection on movement and time, construction and demolition, the Industrial bank on Lækjargata Street was read its last rites shortly before its demolition. Artists gathered to listen to the building allowing it to resonate and illuminate the city for the last time.


When the building was erected half a century earlier, it was an agent of international affairs. An icon, and an embodiment of future ambitions. The demolition of the building takes place in a period of new development in the center of Reykjavík. The welcoming and farewell of future dreams coincide.


Reykjavík, Lækjargata 12

Last Rites


A work by Anna María Bogadóttir​ performed in collaboration with Berglind María Tómasdóttir musician og Kristín Gunnarsdóttir visual artist

Other participants / Adda Ingólfsdóttir, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Elísabet Indra Ragnarsdóttir, Hildigunnur Sverrisdóttir, Telo Hoy, Örvar Erling Árnason

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