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Governmental Quarter, Reykjavík


Type / Competition

Collaborators / Stika, Reykjavík & Dronninga Landskap, Oslo


Client / FSRE - Government Construction Contracting Agency

Role / Architect

​Awards / 3. Prize



The competition proposal was focused on enhancing the existing buildings and future spaces within Iceland's Governmental Quarter while fostering a stronger connection with the surrounding areas. The historical significance of the region and its intrinsic relationship with the ocean are emphasized.


Introducing Ásutorg, a new square located north of the national theater, which tells the story of Ása, a renowned seaweed farmer who once resided in the Sölvhóll farm (known as the hill of the algae). This square serves as the centerpiece of the envisioned future for the area and acts as a pathway to the new ministerial buildings on the premises. Additionally, three smaller areas within the site are thoughtfully opened up to establish a robust bond between the location and the ocean, weaving a network of pedestrian paths and public spaces within the courtyards formed by the new building structures. The collective spaces of the buildings are interconnected via underground passages and bridges.

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