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"If I have my computer, I can work anywhere". "I want to move the kitchen into the living room, but then I lose my work area". "I like to work amongst other people and would work at the dining table if I had an office space outside the home".  
Cozy and comfortable offices have been trending while omnipresent work-related technology has infiltrated our homes and the percentage of people who work at home is growing. The line between home and office has been blurred. However, these changes don't seem to be reflected in contemporary housing and apartment design. How come? And what are the pros and cons of this development?  
During the seminar "I just work from home", the research collective Híbýlaauður* (Value of Housing) will draw from their transdisciplinary research on housing in a conversation with seminar participants on working spaces in their own homes. Bringing about questions like: Where do I work at home? Where is co-creation most suitable? Where do I focus best? Find inspiration? The aim is to reflect on the characteristics of spatial typologies that accommodate the home as a workplace for the socialite and the loner while inquiring into housing development in a historical, architectural, and economic context. 

Watch the recording here.


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