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The exhibition Value-adding architecture included recent projects by Icelandic architectural firms reflecting how houses, structures and man-made landscapes that create a good framework for people's daily lives, are economically, environmentally and socially valuable. 

The overall design of the exhibition was underlined by coherent presentation of models and photographs on columns and text fragments presented on panels and posters.

Link  to Anna María Bogadóttir's lecture on the project at Design Talks / Iceland Design March / Harpa 2017


Harpa, Hönnunarmars

Client / SAMARK,

Association of Icelandic Architecture Offices 


Role / Curator, exhibition design

Exhibition design made in collaboration with Theresa Himmer,  Snæfríð Þorsteins

Graphic Design / Snæfríð Þorsteins

Exhibitors  / Argos, Arkís, ASK, Batteríið, Basalt, Hornsteinar, Landmótun, Landslag, T.ark, Tröð, Yrki

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